Curriculum vitae

Born in Vienna in 1945 I grew up and attended Elementary school in Styria/Austria.


At eight years of age I moved to Vienna, where my parents operated the oldest Riding School in Austria. My affection to all animals was already present at that time.


I finished Elementary and Public school in a boarding school in Vienna. All my free time I spent in my parents stables. At nine years of age I already owned my own horse 🙂


At about that time I started riding competitions in dressage and jumping. At the age of fourteen I won the Austrian Junior Championship in dressage and at the age of sixteen I won the Championship in Jumping.


On 1st of September 1960 I joined the Spanish Riding School as an Eleve. In 1968 I already became “Bereiter” and it was the shortest time ever, that any rider became a “Bereiter”


In 1981 I became “Chief Rider” and achieved this position in the shortest time. 1995 I became the “First Chief Rider” until my retirement from the SRS in 2003.


During my years as Chief Rider I also operated my own dressage stables at Tulbingerkogel in the Vienna Forest, where I trained many riders, who achieved great goals all the way up to the Olympics.

And now ? Every new horse is a new experience !

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3 Responses to Curriculum vitae

  1. Jennifer C. says:

    What a magical horse life! Beautiful!

  2. Miša says:

    Have you never, through all these years of horseriding came across “the effects of a bit”? What all this iron does to a horse? Concerning the neurocranical shock etc? I apologise for asking, but am really keen to hear it from a long term rider as you are. Many thanks for your sincere answer in advance! Miša Vilar, Ljubljana, Slovenia


    A truly wonderful story. Arthur please contact Blake Johnston ( Colleen’s Father)
    in Newmarket Ontario 905-898-1081 or reply to my e-mail address. Thanks very much Walter.
    Blake Johnston Newmarket Ontario

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