Private moments

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3 Responses to Private moments

  1. Ulla Haygood says:

    Congratulation to a really nice website :-) Looking forward to see more pictures and text. Is it your wife at the lap top? The video was very nice to.

    • admin says:

      Thank You, Ulla ! Yes, it is my wife at the lap top – I will try to write comments for each picture as soon as possible ;-)

  2. Arthur, I was helping Barbara out at the clinic in Ontario in early July. As always, it was a privilege to watch and hear you teach and it would great if I can organise riding in the clinic next time (been a bit busy with opening Wildhart).
    I just now looked at your “private moments” photographs. What memories you must have! Next time we meet I will have to take advantage and ask you more about those photographs. Take care and don’t stop coming to Canada!

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